What we do best is communicating and not just communicating what we think but expressing our client’s overall corporate ideology in the most impacting and inspiring way.

We start by getting a grip on our client’s commercial goals, with this we identify opportunities and take account of challenges. Then we apply our media and market knowledge to select the right channels and create the right stories.


Ultimately we find that it’s a combination of innovation and commitment, a bit of business acumen and lots of creativity.

Brand strategy

At Visage PR we will develop a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand with the view of helping our client companies achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy is bound to affect all aspects of a business which is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. We are mindful of the importance of brands and our focus is to develop an iconic brand that will represent your overall corporate strategy.

Graphic Designs

Visage’s team of highly creative graphic designers will work with you in achieving your overall brand goal. We specialize in the design & production of corporate literature for Client’s Companies: our products cover letterheads, business cards and corporate brochures.

Web designs

The need to develop a robust and highly interactive website cannot be overemphasized, our objective is to develop a website that will stimulate interest and prompt action. We will build a formidable website that will inevitably generate global interest for your business.

Campaign communications

Are you considering the best platform to launch your campaign? We have the answer for you; at Visage we know how to help reach your target audience globally. Our direct access to a number of satellite television stations in the Europe gives us the capability of reaching millions daily.


Have you got that book or information burning inside of you? You can now breathe a sigh of relief as you are that very person we have been waiting to hear from. We will guide you through the entire process, starting from content development through to proof reading, editing and the final stage of production. We are that partner you have always longed for.


Visage‘s Networking events are specially designed for our client’s who desire to meet other like minded contacts under a more relaxed atmosphere. Attend our networking events armed with your top brand business cards and be assured that you are bound to generate those quality leads. All our events are held in respected UK brand hotels. The events also present an ideal branding opportunity for prospective sponsors.

Digital Marketing

The Visage Html online campaign is designed to reach thousands of people at the touch of a button, our aim is to develop a highly formidable brand for our clients has you subscribe to our online marketing campaign

Media relations

Partner with us and gain instant access to the global media. Our media relations strategy is designed to provide you with a highly visible platform both in the United Kingdom and abroad. See us as an extension of your communications department responsible for coordinating your press conferences, developing your press release, putting together an inspiring feature story and creating breaking news on your behalf.

Events management

Over thirty years experience in the British event’s management sector gives us a clear edge. We are that company capable of developing the most be-spoke event for our clients taking to account their very special and unique needs. Your event could take the form of a product launch or a charitable ball. Whatever the nature it is, we have what it takes to create an experience out of it.

Perception management

Perception, Perception, Perception it is all about Perception. This is a fact of life that none of us can escape, not even our organizations. The daily impression that can potentially result into a mindset has the potential of impacting negatively on our brand persona. Let us help tell that positive story and also develop the strategies that will fiercely safe guard your brand against a perception war.

Investor’s relations

We recognise the importance of creating a healthy interface between companies and their shareholders, this process is expected to engender confidence and trust amongst the stake holders. We will develop a unique process that enables accessibility of financial reports, audited accounts and projects status without any inhibitions

Social Responsibility Initiative

Many organisations unfortunately don’t have a CSR strategy whereas introducing a social responsibility side to an organisation will only help to inevitably boost the company’s public image outlook. At Visage PR we will help to develop a SRC initiative for our client organisation based on their overall corporate ideology.

Reputation management

What you have built over the years must be guarded qui�e jealously. Unfortunately research shows that most organisations have not put in place a full proof framework to deal with online reputation crisis. At Visage, we are committed to shaping public perception by influencing online information through the dissemination of inspiring stories of your organisation.

Crisis management

The sudden turn in events that can potentially threaten or harm an organisation and its shareholders will need the intervention of expert hands to deal with. At Visage we will pre-empt such a crisis by developing a process that will help militate against any form of potential crisis through a heightened response framework.

Product launch

You new product is vital to your bottom line and that is why we are committed to putting together a carefully planned product launch incorporating the support services of the press, key note speakers, branded merchandise, multi media and entertainment to make a success of your event. Our objective is to develop this as part of an overall marketing strategy consisting of a carefully planned and scheduled sequence of events with the goal to make a big happening out of the product and, of course make as much sales as possible in a short time span.

Training & Workshops

We will coordinate training programmes and workshops for our clients based on their corporate needs. These programmes are designed to help enhance the quality of client’s service. Our services also extend to team building programmes and business exploration tours


In today’s world of brand identity and corporate online presence, businesses need to be highly visible and easily identifiable online if they plan to run a successful twenty first century business. Our Search Engine Optimization strategists will help our clients to rank higher in search engines. To achieve this, our SEO experts will work with you in making the necessary changes to your website that make it easier for search engines to understand your content.


Do not be left out in today’s world of high end corporate projection. Just imagine your corporate vision and operations captured in a very high definition quality DVD and enjoying the opportunity of using it as a presentation at one of you many business presentations. Our delight will be to develop such for you and also help to get it viewed by those who matter to you corporate goals