About us

Agromaster Consulting is a one stop agro-allied consulting company set up in response to the dire need of prospective investors in the sector who neither have prior experience in the business or the luxury of time for a trial and error experiment. The emergence of Agromaster can also be seen as a clear marketing exercise based on definitive market needs. Whilst these factors can be seen as major considerations on the part of Agromaster’s promoters, it is also vital to note that based on the current decline in the price of the Nigerian crude oil, there is bound to be a greater emphasis on the need to diversify the economy and by virtue of historical records and events we appreciate that agriculture was once Nigeria’s mainstay economy before the discovery of commercial quantity petroleum products. In respect to this fact, it became more evident on the need for the promoters of Agromaster to apply a more pragmatic and pre-emptive strategy aimed at responding to the inevitable need of its proposed services at prospective clients.

Agromaster’s activities are governed by seasoned experts in various fields of professional endeavors, their experience cover Agro-economics, Strategic management and Management consulting.

Business Development


At Agromaster, our business development unit operates as the first port of call. This is the department that interfaces directly with prospective clients. The functions of the department are as follows:

  • Reviewing clients business synopsis/vision
  • Generating a commitment form for client
  • Developing a comprehensive feasibility study for clients
  • Working with other units to help achieve client’s goals.


A calculator, pen, and financial statement.

The finance unit of Agromaster is responsible for identifying funding for clients following the completion of client’s feasibility report. Our funding pool covers banks, donor agencies and international finance organisations.

Agromaster’s legal department is responsible for providing the following services

  • Drawing out legal agreements
  • Developing terms & Conditions
  • Participating in negotiations
  • Providing general counsel.
These services serve both internal operations and client’s services

Human Resources

A large group of professional people.

The key role of the Human Resource department at Agromaster is to support prospective clients by identifying the ideal staff both admin and technical. The service also extends to training of recruited personnel.

Farm Management


Our farm management department is responsible for advising and supporting clients in the management of their farms. This service operates two sub-sectors namely Technical and Operations.

The technical side of the department covers managing of equipment such as tractors and other farm implements whilst the operations is directly involved in the day to day supervision of farm land activities such as assistance with cropping issues, harvesting to barn activities. This support is provided through on-going training, monitoring and tracking performance over an agreed period. It must be noted that the operational side of the farm management also extends to farm layout and construction of various structures such as bore-holes. Farm house, Barns, Fish ponds etc.



The marketing arm of Agromaster provides five critical services to clients namely:

  • Packaging & Branding
  • Seminars, Workshops & Exhibitions
  • Commodity exchange
  • Exports services
  • International linkages



Our training arm at Agromasters has been developed to provide both local & International training programmes for farmers, farmers to be and exporters. We work in partnership with globally renowned agro based institutions. Whilst locally we have established very strong relationships with the relevant agro based organisations



Agromaster’s workshops cover a wide range of topics akin to the agro allied sector. Topics such as quality control, packaging, distribution, warehousing are but a few of the areas we cover.



Are you looking to identify markets for your exportable products abroad? At Agromaster we are poised to provide market access to clients how are keen to export abroad, particularly in Europe. Our procedure is clearly highlighted in the form attached.